Our Mission

Tesco Refugee Center, Przemysl, Poland.

The mission of Fools Save the World is: To provide financial and logistical support to full-time aid workers in zones of conflict around the world.

A large percentage of humanitarian volunteers are unable to stay in an area of conflict for an extended period of time. This often means that those volunteers who are able to stay long term, are a mix of students, vagabonds, local residents and independently wealthy individuals. These people are wonderful but they are simply not enough. Survival of humanitarian missions depends upon everyday people who decide to volunteer.

Lack of proper financial means is a primary obstacle that prevents everyday folks who want to lend their aid. from being able to do so. For many, getting the time off is a lesser obstacle than the money they miss out on by taking the time. These people use their vacation time, or take unpaid leaves of absence and donate as much of their time as they can to volunteering. Many of these people would stay longer if they could.

There are those people who do decide that providing aid is more important than their own financial concerns. These people, while noble in their intentions, often put themselves into their own state of financial hardship. These factors often lead to a rapid turnover of aid workers. That turnover carries the consequence that knowledge, and training have to be constantly passed off to new volunteers. This can have an impact on just how effectively the volunteers are able to perform their tasks.

Another substantial obstacle is knowing how to volunteer. Some might say things like, “I want to help but I don’t even know where to begin.” Volunteering with some NGOs can be a labyrinthine process. Often times the flow of information is chaotic in the early stages of a crisis. Volunteer responses can be delayed due to lack of cohesive, early information.

A Safety Vest worn by a Fools Save the World member in Poland

We seek to change things. We want to make it better.

First, and foremost, we want to give would-be volunteers a clear starting point. People who volunteer with us will be given access to reliable, trustworthy people already in the zone of operation(ZO). Our full time members, in leadership positions, will blaze a trail and then light the way for those that follow them. The logistical backup we provide will consist of providing information on the best ways to physically get to the ZO along with information on where to stay once they get there. We want to eliminate as many unknowns as possible and give clear points of contact to get people to where they can do the most good.

When finances allow, we will also provide financial backup in the form of stipends and expense accounts. This will allow our members to focus on their mission with the knowledge that they can be reimbursed if they need to purchase supplies. As our financial assets expand so too will our capabilities. Every member of our Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that every dollar possible is put directly towards our mission.