Board of Trustees

Photo taken after coordination meeting at Tesco, March 2022
Left to Right: Karol Rosocha, Steven Oxley, John Dawkins, Luca Hering, Omar Marø.
Not Pictured: Chris Minetti

John Dawkins: United States of America

John grew up in New Jersey and has spent a majority of his adult life working in the construction industry. In March of 2022 he hastily collected some donations, recruited his friend Chris and set out for Poland. All he had was the name of a town: Przemysl. He and his friend arrived at the Tesco, dropped their bags and said, “We’re from America and we’re here to help.” Whatever needed doing, John the American was there to do. His work ethic could be infectious as those working alongside him would find themselves going at his pace. If there was a dirty or physically demanding job that nobody else could to do, you went and found John the American.

Christopher Minetti: United States of America

Chris was no stranger to charity and community service. He was an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and his time there instilled in him the value of service. He’s spent the majority of his life in New Jersey where he works in the security integration industry. His talent with computers and IT caused him to be conscripted into doing this kind of work at the Tesco. However, he was also a go-to guy for anyone who needed help with anything. It didn’t matter the job, Chris was there to help. His can-do attitude helps chip away at seemingly impossible tasks leading to their successful completion.

Steven Oxley: England

Steve became known as “The Cleaner” at the Przemysl Tesco. On the often understaffed night shift, Steve took care of the majority of cleaning and trash removal for the center by himself. He was pushed into a leadership role by those around him because he displayed exemplary qualities. His upbringing has left him with a tender spot for orphans and the elderly. Because of this, his voice and input are very valued in strategic discussions and planning. Steve’s empathy and sincerity act as a spiritual compass, reminding everyone of what the true goal is regardless of what distractions may arise.

Karol Rosocha: Poland

Karol was a welder from Warsaw before becoming a major player in the management structure of the Przemysl Tesco. Often understaffed, Karol oversaw the entire facility during the night shift and kept things running smoothly. With limited work force, limited supplies and impossible obstacles, Karol maintained a facility that ran like clockwork from 9pm to 9am. He would then stay on with the day shift to make sure any issues the facility faced were addressed during the daylight hours. Often days would pass without Karol stopping even to sleep. He never forgot that the people were the key to the mission, and he took to the time to try to get to know every single volunteer on his shift. He was the engine that made it all go.

Luca Hering: Germany

“I just wanted to be a club promoter,” is a phrase that was uttered by Luca at one point during a late night coordination meeting at the Przemysl Tesco. His knack for dealing with people and keeping his cool in any situation caused the young Stuttgart native to be thrust into the role of overseeing and managing volunteers during the Tesco night shift. With no previous experience he was able to successfully coordinate the efforts of volunteers from a variety of different countries and backgrounds. He just has a natural charisma that gets people to follow him.

Omar Marø: Norway

Omar arrived in Poland from Norway with intention to help. His organizational skills immediately catapulted him into a leadership role at the Tesco. Though he eventually moved on, he remained committed to the goal of helping Ukraine any way he could. Taking an analytical approach to all problems, he likes to weigh all sides of an issue before making a decision. This analytical mind allows him to build systems and forecast difficulties, allowing for troubleshooting prior to implementation. A few extra minutes spent planning with Omar often leads to saving hours in human effort. That ability to plan several steps ahead and adapt to changing situations proved invaluable time and again.

Jay Rivera: United States

Jay saw what was going on in Poland and knew that he needed to help. Never one to half commit to something, Jay went all in on helping the refugees of Ukraine. He gave his job notice that he would be leaving, packed up his cat and dog, and completely relocated to Przemysl, Poland. Armed with strong community organizing skills and a magnetic personality, Jay establishes himself as an unforgettable character and a true friend to all in need. He continues to seek out opportunities where his skills and empathy can best serve people.